Estelle – Take Home

We tried Estelle for our 3rd year wedding anniversary dinner. Having a newborn we weren’t able to dine out anytime but still wanted to keep our ritual of spoiling ourselves with something fancy…

So we ordered via providoor, it arrived with high quality packaging. Ice bedding at the bottom of the box. Instructions were so easy to understand and the food? Well – delicious in the comfort of our home (plus a baby in our arms). Almost all of the dishes only required an oven to cook/reheat the food apart from the scallops which was to pan sear.

I was breastfeeding at the time and still am, so there were some food I needed to avoid. I picked a rather narrow list of food choices that I could have. Regardless, everything we ordered was very tasty.

The Hervey Bay scallops with the mushroom XO sauce was fresh and delicate, we made sure the scallop was just cooked, gently seared – was able to cook it up in 5 minutes.

1st main was Herb crusted Tasmanian Salmon. The orange & horseradish dressing was pleasant with the fish. Never had something tangy like this with salmon. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make the top crusty. The herb crust was already on the salmon when I opened the package, I pretty much followed the instructions to a T, so I don’t know what went wrong there.

2nd main was the Parwan Valley Lamb shoulder, hazelnut crust and preserved lemon yoghurt that J very much enjoyed. Estelle’s packaging came with oven trays so we didn’t need to do much washing after! It was perfect for our situation. The lamb serving was more than enough for the two of us. The hazelnut crust was sensationally crusty. We kept tapping on the crust before we did the big cut. Please excuse the mess of cutting the lamb below. The gamey taste of the lamb wasn’t so strong which was good for me because I can’t take much of that taste. The meat was very tender, I didn’t really need the lemon yoghurt to balance anything. But glad the yoghurt was there.

We picked roasted chat potatoes with seaweed butter as our side. Again simple to make, stick it in the oven, then mix butter on the potatoes when hot. While I didn’t mind having the seaweed butter, J wasn’t use to the taste of it, he was happy to just have the roasted potatoes as it is.

Lastly we had to save our stomach for dessert, we ordered the IPA roasted pineapple, pink peppercorn, frangipane. Loved the frangipane, wasn’t dry and the IPA beer made it fluffy. I’m a bit bias these days with pineapple… I’ve been loving anything pineapple cos I wasn’t able to have it during pregnancy 🙂

By the end of the night we were stuffed! We had the lamb, frangipane and potatoes left over for the next day’s lunch. Great value – Winning!

After this take home experience, I’d love to have the opportunity to dine in at Estelle, there’s still the raw kingfish I want to try! 🙂

While looking back at Estelle’s menu via providoor, some of the items have dropped, but the lamb shoulder, salmon and chat potatoes are still available to order!

Location: 243-245 High Street, Northcote VIC

Website/Order via and Provider

NoWongFood Rating:
Service: 5/5 (Delivery)
Ambience: 5/5 (Instructions / Packaging)
Sides: 4/5
Mains: 4/5
Dessert: 5/5
Beverage: N/A
Overall: 23/25

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