Kenangan – Ready to Cook

With Melbourne in lockdown, I’m sure everyone is mastering their cooking/baking skills at home. But there’s just some days where you want to order in or have something prepared nice and quick. Kenangan recently launched last week bringing authentic ready to cook Indonesian food to your door!

Ordered the Beef Rendang, Grilled Beef Ribs with side salad/sambal and Grilled Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce served with veggies in soup/sambal. Packaging is environmentally friendly, instructions are all on a page in high paper quality.

The one I was looking forward to most was their grilled beef ribs with sweet soy sauce, Iga Bakar Kecap, $15.90. I’m a sucker for beef ribs! Was served with side salad and sambal bawang (chilli). And it did not disappoint, I basted the sweet soy sauce too early in the pan, that the sauce cooked through quite quickly. I’d recommend basting the sauce LAST as per instructions. I just got carried away. Either way it was still delicious, falls off the bone, with a sweet aftertaste. Exactly how I like my ribs to be. Dipping it with sambal added to a whole new level. We can’t take too much spice, but you’re missing out if you’re not dipping it with the sambal. Highly recommend!

Rendang Jawa, $13.90 – Jawanese slow cooked Beef Meat in Coconut and Spice… it’s the cheapest amongst their main dishes, it doesn’t come with any sides or sauces, but very good paired with rice. The sauce was super juicy with a kick of spice – could tolerate the level of spice in this rendang – YAY. Best part is that its packed full of flavour and comes in big chucks of meat!

We saved our last dish for the next night, Ayam Bakar Kecap, $14.90 – Grilled Chicken with Sweet Soy Sauce with side of veggies in Sayur Asem soup. I learnt my lesson from my beef ribs, so I added the sauce just before the chicken was ready to come out from the pan. This time? Super saucy – great with my brown rice! Chicken came with one breast and one leg piece, essentially half a chicken! Chicken was tender soft, I teased the meat with my fork and shreds of meat came falling apart. What surprised me is that Sayur Asem soup! Sweet and sour soup that was delicious to drink on its own, but having the green beans cooked with the soup it gave the veggies some flavour. The corn was perfectly cooked from following the instructions.

All the instructions were clear and simple to do. Minimal appliances required. Cooking time took on average under 10 minutes! So I don’t think there’s any excuse for any kitchen-noob to not cook.

I’d highly recommend Kenangan if you’re after quick and easy dishes! Best value would be their Beef ribs and Chicken as it comes with sides for a small price difference (eat your veggies!). Minimum order of $30 and delivery fee is just $5 flat rate. Delivery days are Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Order bulk and you’ll have a few meals sorts. Can place in freezer for up to 1 month, and yes… they provide you with the defrost instructions.

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NoWongFood Rating:
Service: 5/5 (Delivery)
Ambience: 5/5 (Instructions / Packaging)
Sides: 4/5
Mains: 5/5
Dessert: N/A
Beverage: N/A
Overall: 19/20

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