Lee Ho Fook – At Home

A new style chinese cuisine, Lee Ho Fook. Heard so much about them but never dined there. So we took advantage of the Melbourne Stage 4 lockdown, to try their cook “at home” dish. Sussing out what they are all about! There were so many variety of at home dishes to select from, but because I’m pregnant, I was very cautious of what to order. So it came to trying their Dan Dan Noodles for two, $30!

Pre-ordered, specified my pick up day and noted a special request to separate the spice from the sauce. On the day of pick up (today), I received a call advising me the order was ready and that with my special request, they have tried as much as possible to separate the spice from the dan dan pork sauce, but there will be some spice still sitting in the sauce that can’t be fully isolated. I was pretty happy with their service just based on checking my special request.

I can have some spice, but the dan dan noodles I know of in general can get very spicy like Sichuan style. So as long as I can adjust and tailor the spice levels it was the best I could ask for.

Picked up in-store, the first time I saw Lee Ho Fook inside – dimly lit dining room and not ‘too Melbourne’ indeed.

Very well packaged and instructions were super clear. The instructions said to use a saucepan to heat the pork sauce, but I used a pan ^^”. Just because I didn’t want to clean two saucepans (one to boil the noodles, the other to heat the sauce). I cooked everything within 10 minutes! Perfect for a lazy Saturday night!

Although it wasn’t specified in the cooking instructions, I cooked the noodles in two separate batches. One reason is to maintain the same portion size. Second reason is in case the noodles become too starchy in one big batch. I also boiled my water first before putting the noodles in the saucepan. I reckon by doing this it prevents the noodles from being undercooked.

[I’ve failed a couple of times when cooking my own egg noodles without testing small portions, and it became one big clump of sticky noodles, so I didn’t want to wreck these beautiful noodles at all]

As I heated the pork sauce, I could immediately smell the peppercorns and soy bean flavours sizzling out. It smelt so good!

You can see below that I garnished it like an asian version of a spaghetti bolognese hahaha. The texture of the noodles were perfectly al dente from their 2 minute suggestion and with my variation of cooking the noodles above! Cucumber and spring onions were fresh. I don’t like coriander, so gave it all to J.

For the pork sauce itself, it had a very mild spice to it, which was exactly what I was after, so I could slowly add the chilli sauce (packed separately )to my own spice levels. I probably added 3 teaspoons of the chilli sauce to feel the kick of dan dan noodles.

J and I would re-order this on our lazy days of cooking, it’s so simple that I reckon he could try making (reheating) it himself :). I love it how everything is ready for us with such simple cooking and kitchenware needed. Not to mention how flexible the “at home” meal is for me to tailor my own portion and taste. Having tried this dish, I’d like to try their other at home meals and visit Lee Ho Fook properly after lockdown.

Recommended – simple and tasty.

Location: 11-15 Duckboard Place, Melbourne

Website/Pre-order: https://www.leehofook.com.au

NoWongFood Rating:
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Entree: N/A
Mains: 5/5
Dessert: N/A
Beverage: N/A
Overall: 14/15

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