Raya Melbourne

RAYA Melbourne hasn’t been opened for too long. With a background in cake decorating, they opened up their physical store during the global pandemic in June. What they have is not the usual cake flavours… instead it comes with a Malaysian and Singaporean twist…

I visited last week just before stage 4 lockdown, and was lucky enough to try a variety of items available. First bites were their savoury pies: Beef Bourguignon Pie, $9 and Chicken Curry Hand Pie, $9. J had the beef one, although the pie had cooled down already he enjoyed the flakiness of the pastry. It was so delicate that it could be quite messy to eat. One of the best ways to eat a pie. I prefer the taste of the Chicken curry pie more. It was fresh out of the oven! Perfect for the winter walk and a decent amount of chicken chucks in a curry that reminded me of a rendang flavour. This is what I mean where the malaysian twists comes in. Also wasn’t spicy for me which is good!

I also ordered a Hot soy houjicha latte, $4.50. I usually get a headache if the houjicha isn’t right for me. but it was very pleasant to drink. Would love to ask them about what brand they use.

Green Spinach and Yoghurt Cake, $9 was one that screamed at me when I saw it at the display counter. Pretty and interesting in flavour… Spinach? I would never have tried it if I didn’t hear my friend say they enjoyed it. It surely did not disappoint. The sponge cake was dense enough and the yoghurt frosting was the perfect sweet and sour combination for it. Spinach and olive oil flavour was so mild that I couldn’t tell. This is one of my favourites!

Lastly, what I’ve been craving for is their Kueh pack of 12 pieces, $20. Haven’t had Kueh for ages, just because I don’t know anyone who makes them or sells them in Melbourne. You can purchase Kueh for approx $2 each. But the Tasting box was perfect for me who has no idea what to try… Suitable for a party of 3-4. J and I had them all in one night.

Comes with
2x angku (with mungbean paste – savoury)
2 x talam Pandan. Light and a little savoury from the milk
2 x glutinous rice.
2 x casava
4 x kaswi gula merah (brown sugar kueh rolled in fresh coconut). J enjoyed this most, it was a surprise in the middle with the sugar liquid.

My favourite Kueh would be the Angku and talam Pandan, the two lightly savoury ones.

RAYA Melbourne is open during 4th Stage lockdown, available for takeaway and online preorder between Monday 6pm – Wednesday midnight. Open for delivery only on Saturdays up to 20km from their Collins street store.

Overall, what stood out to me were their Houjicha, Chicken Curry hand pie, their spinach and yogurt cake and a few of their Angku, Pandan and Kaswi Gula Merah Kueh (the coconut balls).

For anyone looking for something different, try Raya.

Location: Shop 2, 61 Little Collins Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000


NoWongFood Rating:
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 5/5
Entree: 4/5
Mains: N/A
Dessert: 3/5
Beverage: 5/5
Overall: 22/25

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