Cote Terra – Oakleigh

Situated within walking distance from Oakleigh Train station. At the corner of Station St lies a small entrance to Cote Terra. It gives a very cosy vibe and still very busy around 1.30pm-2pm on a Sunday – almost full house!

My friend recommended me to try Cote Terra, but because I don’t always visit around the suburb of Oakleigh we never had the chance. As our double date friends suggested to meet in the middle, I was super excited to suggest Cote Terra. Not only because of the food which my friend suggested, I also hear about their famous specialty coffee and coffee classes!

I’ve tried their coffee and chai latte at the Southbank location and they were good so I recommended their Soy Chai Latte, $6 to J. He enjoyed it very much. (When we left, we ordered two soy chai latte for takeaway – drink up!). I ordered their beans that had the biscuit taste. I could definitely taste the biscuit/nutty aromas in the coffee. I enjoyed it very much. And not often do I see latte art for soy milk. So kudos to them for making a latte art on soy!

B ordered Tentacle Toast, grilled octopus with torn grain toast, chorizo, persian feta and heirloom tomatoes. A colourful dish with a little burnt chorizo. Tentacles were slightly overdone and there was one big piece of the tentacle that was quite big, and wished it was cut for us. Their chorizo erred on the side of spicy so a heads up for those who can’t take spicy!

J & K both ordered Eggs Benedict, which had a bit of a twist – crispy shallots on roti was the substitute of the traditional sourdough then served with bacon, sriracha hollandaise, and poached eggs. I had a little bit of J’s share of the roti with eggs – which I liked. J said the roti was a little think but overall he enjoyed it.

For myself, I ordered the Chilli scrambled eggs, served on sourdough with tempura okra, fermented radish and mustard leaf. A vegetarian dish that I don’t usually order… but i loved it! The tempura okra was lightly deep fried, the okra gave the crunch element to the dish, whilst everything else had a softer texture in every bite.

The fermented radish was really what I know as kimchi. I can take kimchi, so I was pretty confident that I could take the heat from the name of the dish. The scrambled eggs was soft and not dry at all. It ticked the boxes for me. The serving was generous to the point that I had scrambled eggs on my sourdough at every bite. J enjoyed his share of this too, he knew I couldn’t finish it so was waiting patiently for me to offer him more 🙂

Chilli Scrambled Eggs, $18

Overall, I enjoyed my visit at Cote Terra, their drinks are definitely what brings me to visit again. Even though their drinks are at an above average price. Staff were friendly they noticed I like my coffee with soy so they advised to not accompany any of their coffee beans that have an acidic aroma. It doesn’t go well. So it was lovely to have this tip from them.

It looks like their Southbank and Oakleigh cafes have different menus. So when I have the chance, I’d visit again going through their existing menu at both locations. The only thing that put me off a bit was that day had many flys which got annoying shoeing them away from touching my delicious food.

But what’s really next for me? I would love to try their latte art classes! If anyone has attended their classes, please share your experience by commenting below! Thank you 🙂


Location: 17 Station Street, Oakleigh, Melbourne

Tasteelicious Rating:
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 3/5
Beverage: 4.5/5
Entree: N/A
Mains: 4/5
Dessert: N/A
Overall: 16.5/20

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