Enter Neighbour – Invited

Just off Camberwell and Toorak Road sits Enter Neighbour. It’s a quiet area attracting many locals for coffee and a light brunch. Accessible by 75 tram where the Hartwell shops are. Enter Neighbour has just passed their 1 year birthday on 23rd Feb where they celebrated by offering chocolate and free coffees to their visitors!

Don’t be fooled by their cosy shopfront, they have dining areas behind their kitchen that could fit sizeable groups and a courtyard seating for a sunny day!

Their Soy Latte was right for me – not too milky and not too strong. They use Axil coffee beans where the roasting site is in Hawthorn – love how they use local beans. I know how hard latte art can be when it comes to using soy milk, so I paid attention to other coffee orders by other customers. They perfected their latte art when using full cream milk 🙂 Sorry these photos are all using soy milk. hehe…

Soy Chai Latte is from Prana Chai – good spice with strong cardamon. The smell of cinnamon on top was exciting. Their Soy Matcha Latte is from Urban Blends, which I found a bit more earthy than what we prefer…

J ordered the Benedict Cumberbatch, $19,  pumpkin puree, pulled lamb, on pickled cabbage and poached eggs topped with hollandaise & sesame seeds. At first J thought it was just another way to make eggs bene named differently. But we were surprised by how refined the flavours were. Much like the actor that can play many different roles this dish clearly displayed different flavours in each element. The hollandaise sauce felt light and sweet.

The egg was poached perfectly and the golden yolk was runny. The pulled lamb was nice and moist and not too salty but still kept much of the lamb flavour. The pickled cabbage complimented the dish by providing a nice sour taste but also when you let it soak with the toasted sourdough, it helped to bring out the sweetness of the bread.

Although the dish was well plated, J couldn’t help but set each element aside to find out what each combination would yield our tastebuds.

Benedict Cumberbatch, $19

I ordered a vegetarian dish, Truffle King, $21 Swiss Brown + Baby King Oyster Mushrooms + Spinach cooked in White Truffle and Porcini Cream + Ewes Milk Cheese w/a Poached Egg on Toast.

This dish surprised me, generally truffle could either be under or be overpowering a dish. Truffle and cream sauce was just the right amount to dip with the toast. The cream coated around the two types of mushrooms that brought out more than just mushrooms taste. It was a delight to have the spinach cooked with the White truffle sauce, this brought out a lot of flavour in my tastebuds. I couldn’t fault this dish. The poached egg was exactly the same consistency as the Benedict Cumberbatch!

For both these dishes, we could add $2 for gluten free options. So catering for everyone!!

Truffle King, $21

We were fortunate having Enter Neighbour invite us to a strong community based cafe. We saw many of the locals come for a meal and feel connected with the team. Their team is humble and produce very good quality brunch.

Overall, we enjoyed our Sunday brunch in a quiet setting. They have a range of brunch selections and for the drinkers, a range of alcohol available. I can’t believe they do tapas dinner as well! If you’re after a cafe that delivers without overcomplicated and fancy brunch, I’d suggest you give Enter Neighbour a visit!

If you visit Enter Neighbour for quick coffee takeaway, be sure to bring your KeepCup as every coffee you get they donate 30c to Foodbank Victoria to help support Victorians who are food insecure.


  1. We were invited to taste Enter Neighbour’s new menu. As a result, I would like to disclose that part of the meal was free of charge.
  2. Any commentary on service or the overall quality of the experience are what I experienced at the time of visit. There exists the possibility that my guest and myself were furnished with special treatment. Thus, do not take service comments with 100% confidence. With that said, service is usually never 100% consistent anyway.
  3. All commentary on the experience are from my honest opinion with added feedback from my guests.

Thank you for your support 🙂

Website: https://www.enterneighbour.com.au

Location: 625 Camberwell Rd, Camberwell VIC 31243

Tasteelicious Rating:
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Beverage: 4/5
Entree: N/A
Mains: 5/5
Dessert: N/A
Overall: 18/20

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