Le Clec

Was recommended by a friend who had a great time here. They mentioned their matcha latte was one of the best, so it got me considering a visit!

I picked a girls brunch day to try Le Clec, walked in from a small entrance, was then led to middle dining area at the back then further to the court yard.

Coffee was from ONA beans, but my friend who’s had ONA coffee beans in Canberra doesn’t think it tastes as good. I guess it also depends an the barista. Perhaps it’s not as fresh as from the specialty coffee roaster itself in Canberra. For me, I enjoyed the coffee, but it didn’t wow me. Never had it in Canberra so I can’t compare.

I ordered the Son in Law $17.50 – the Deep Fried Soft Boil Egg was nice but not as temperature hot as I liked. Smoked Ham Hock was just right as I don’t like my Ham Hock very salty. I wish there was more Hollandaise sauce, because when I got to my last sourdough, the dish became too dry. Or perhaps a bit more Tamarind Glaze on the dish? A reasonably priced dish.

Girlfriends ordered, Sweet Potato Rosti, $17 and Le Clec Breakfast, $17.50. The sweet potato was delicious, it had some spice that gave it a spicy flavour. I couldn’t find anything spicy from the menu description. So suggest anyone who can’t take spice to look out for it. Though, it wasn’t spicy to the point I needed a glass of water… The Haloumi was lightly fried and was very nice. Mint pea puree was sweet – bringing out the peas. Mint flavour was very light.

Le Clec Breakfast had poached eggs, kaiser bacon, confit mushroom and truss tomato on sourdough. She also added $5 for Chipolata. I’m not a fan of kaiser bacon as it is thicker than normal bacon, but E enjoyed it as it is her type. All very yummy but not a complex dish to make for a price that is equivalent to the other two dishes.

Overall, we had a lovely time catching up over the cosy wooden interior. Very clean, and because of the experience, I decided to try their large matcha latte for take away. It had the bitter aftertaste I look for in a good matcha. I met up with J afterwards and he got one too to try. He too agreed that there were some clumps at the bottom. Just got to whisk it a little more, then it’ll be comparable to Kyo Teahouse Matcha Latte!

Service was good, a bit slow in taking orders – I think Le Clec was training someone new that day. So only the lady knew everything and got the service going. I wouldn’t penalise them in the scoring below, as judging by the lady, she gave us great service.


Location: 727 Glenferrie Road, Hawthorn

Tasteelicious Rating:
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5
Beverage: 4/5
Entree: N/A
Mains: 4/5
Dessert: N/A
Overall: 17/20

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