A couple outlets of Misschu one in CBD, another in South Melbourne. We visited the one at Cecil St, South Melbourne. There’s a big contrast in rating for the two outlets… I enjoyed the food.

We arrived at 2.30-3pm, so the restaurant was pretty quiet with mainly 2-3 staff working. Misschu is casual dining with Vietnamese-fusion flavours. A rustic setting with bits of decor that reminds you of Asia. Badminton shuttle cocks were just one of the subtle decor I noticed, cute. Tables are available for solos, couples or larger groups. The dining area is considered large for a cafe in South Melbourne.



Their water is self-serve and they add slices of cucumber and lemon for a touch of freshness and digestion for our upcoming meal!

I really enjoyed the food because I have been watching my diet over the past 3 weeks. After a gym session, I didn’t want to look for more carbs… I found the Lemongrass Beef warm vermicelli salad, $14.50 from their menu! By substituting my noodles for additional $2.50, I could get the Low Carb Shirataki noodles! Never had Shirataki noodles before – it looks similar to glass noodles cross vermicelli. The texture was a bit jelly-like and bouncy. The greens look dry with no dressing in the photo below, but when mixing everything together with the small amount of warm soup underneath makes up for the dry washed greens.


J had the Turmeric Chicken Breast with Steamed Rice, Quinoa, & Greens, $13.80. It was delicious too, the turmeric flavours were infused in the chicken breast – hard to do this as I tried making it this week and it just wasn’t the same! The greens stuck to its asian flavours and cooked with some sauce. I love having Choi Sum with a bit of sauce. For those who don’t know Turmeric has powerful anti inflammatory effect on your body. So it’s another ingredient that’s good for your health!IMG_1033

I found that Misschu was quite clean at their dining area. Slightly shocked and disappointed that they had unpleasant reviews on Zomato. But this would not effect my rating based on my own experience at Misschu, South Melbourne.

Overall, I found that Misschu uses the latest knowledge of superfoods to infuse it with Vietnamese cuisine. South Melbourne is a suburb of strong health and fitness advocates. I see why they have developed such menu. Hence why we would recommend trying the low carb noodles for the health-conscious individuals. There may be items of hits and misses on their menu just based on looking at their pricing for certain items. But I believe their warm vermicelli salad collection is reasonably priced. Find the dish you think would be worth it!

Location: 111 Cecil St, South Melbourne

Website: https://misschu.com

Tasteelicious Rating
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Beverage: N/A
Entree: N/A
Mains: 4/5
Dessert: N/A
Overall: 13/15

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