Meat Maiden

A basement restaurant and bar located in the heart of Melbourne CBD.

They catered for us with a group of 10! We ordered the maiden mood which is $65 per person, where the whole table must do the same. Accommodates for dietary requirements like many other feed me options. The deal is they give us 3 snacks, 3 from the smoker (meat on grill), lobster mac and cheese and 3 sides.

Smoked trout had a nice soft touch. But the rice cracker was soft – we wished it wasn’t soft so that we can combine the trout with the cracker in one mouthful. Felt like the rice cracker was made the day before or something.

Croquettes were good! I think I had a couple of them! Unfortunately I didn’t take a photo of them. Sorry! But you can see a bit of it from the below photo! 🙂
Burnt ends w. horseradish was yummy soft and crispy.

Wood-fired chicken, pork & thyme stuffing
, as you can tell the chicken is burnt from the dressing. I was too full from all there other starters and meat to have the chicken. But from what i heard the chicken was a bit dry.
Rangers Valley Black Market brisket 5+ score.  The brisket was tasty – maybe a bit too salty for my liking so thankfully we had the BBQ sauce to add some tanginess in the meat! I enjoyed it but I got full too quickly! The pickles were great too to even the flavours!

Dry-aged o’connor grass-fed porterhouse with béarnaise sauce. Sorry if i got the term wrong! But this was was delicious! You can tell from the photo. Tenderly soft, juicy and evenly cut for each of us sharing. It was the star for me!

Lobster mac n cheese was a miss, there were lobster but the meat didn’t taste fresh and combined with the cheese the lobster taste was gone. I could only imagine myself tasting mac and cheese with some meat that had a tuna texture.


Charred beans, Persian feta, pine nuts, was good and bad. The bad was that the beans were too chewy, i reckon they were aged beans. I like the combination of pine nuts and beans with parmesan! Couldn’t taste the mint.

Fries, spiced salt, aioli:  Chips were good, i kept having them even though i was full! The aioli was nice no faults there.

Cos lettuce, parmesan, peas, mint, wasn’t able to taste the mint but the dish was average 🙂

Overall, service was good, we had a few complicated dietary requirements but the waitress and chefs were able to cater. They remembered who had the dietary requirements – A plus.

The ambience was dim and well ventilated despite being in the basement. Nice for both a date night or a group catch up. The $65 pp Maiden Mood is definitely recommended for groups – couples may be a little bit too much – suggest you pick the top dishes for your romantic dinner.

Location: Basement 195 Little Collins St, Melbourne


Tasteelicious Rating:
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 3.5/5
Entree: 3/5 (Smoked trout, Croquettes, Burnt ends with horseradish & Lobster mac and Cheese)
Mains: 4/5 (Chicken, Brisket and Porterhouse on the grill)
Sides: 3/5 (Charred beans, Fries & cos lettuce, parmesan)
Dessert: N/A
Beverage: N/A
Overall: 17.5/25

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