Workshop bros

Workshop bros are known for their coffees and brunch. Recently opened at Glen Waverley at Kings Way where the strip of restaurants are. Newly brought out with their dinner menu.

Never been for their cafe at Queens street. So I can’t compare the difference between the two stores. Interior is amazing. Extremely modern, using rustic grey curved walls for the cosy feel.


I ordered the panetella drink which is hot choc with marshmallows and peanut crunches. It was beautiful. Not too sweet and salty from the peanut. Love the crunch.img_3544

Beef tartare formed one of several small plates that we ordered, and I’d so this is the best dish for the night. Loved the softness of the beef. I’m not a fan of so many herbs in my dish, but wow this is a real hit. The crackers made the dish a little bit bigger, but could go without the prawn crackers. Wouldn’t mine more of the meat in replace of the crackers! img_3543

2nd small plate was King Fish sashimi. Very thinly sliced. The freshness of the fish was not there from the coconut gel. Probably because it was milky and overpowered the fish. Citrus juice was mild. Presentation isn’t the best I don’t think.


Our last small dish was steamed dumplings where the chilli sauce is asked to be served on the side. Maybe because we asked it to be served on the side that the dumplings felt a little bit sad and dry. However, the dumplings reminded me of Hutong dumplings in terms of appearance. The taste of it didn’t have a wow factor. It was a normal dumpling to me. However accompanying with the chilli sauce was good. (sucks for those non-spicy eaters)


Thit Kho – Caramelised pork belly cooked in coconut water with a black vinegar and apple salad. One word: flawless? It reminded J of his mum’s cooking and that’s a good good with authentic asian flavours. The pork belly is soft and juicy infused in the black vinegar. It wasn’t sour, and very easy to have it with some rice. Salad was good being bean shoots added the crunch in texture against the soft meat. As you can see from the photo, the egg was perfect.

Sticky ribs is another. But from memory it wasn’t as good as the pork belly that J raved about.


The coconut rice was slightly more wet than the coconut rice I eat at Thai restaurants. It was more creamy and felt like glutinous rice. I’m not sure if they intended it to turn out like this. But I don’t really like it being glutinous rice + coconut. I prefer my rice to be in individual grains with some texture as you put it in your mouth.


Overall we enjoyed our time at workshop brothers, the stand out was peanutella drink, the Beef Tartare and Thit Kho. Having tried their dinner, I’d definitely try their brunch next time!

Location: 97 Kings Way, Glen Waverley Vic 3150

Tasteelicious Rating:
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5
Entree: 3/5
Mains: 3/5
Dessert: NA
Beverage: 4/5
Overall: 19/25

Workshop Brothers Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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