Having previously worked in many of Melbourne’s best restaurants, Bernard Chu and Yen Yee finally established LuxBite on the upper end of Toorak Road, South Yarra in 2010. It took me ages to finally step into the upper east side to indulge ourselves with beautiful sweetness on a fine Spring day..

I first tried the Blue Calpis – it had been my must-try from the very beginning of knowing the existence of Luxbite.

Blue Calpis
Blue Calpis

I find it purple in colour despite it’s name. But I believe it’s blue calpis being the flavour of the japanese drink. One of the reasons why this was a must-try, is because it’s unique – I don’t know anyone who’s made this flavour fused in a cheesecake. The texture is thick yet the flavour is extremely light that you’d never get full from a full sized version of it! The blueberry jelly was divine, it’s not sour and definitely not those soaked in syrup. J also loved it being one of his two favourites that we’ve tried so far.

Epic Chocolate Cravings
Epic Chocolate Cravings

This was one where the description just captivated me – who could resist the award winning Rich Belgian dark chocolate with hazelnut crust and salted caramel sphere (Egg free)? Lets skip to the base, it tasted just like Ferrero Rocher! The Hazelnut crust nailed it. The centre itself was quite dense with a bitter after taste – being egg free, it’s probably what you get. This one is definitely for those who are dark chocolate fans! Sweetness – almost nil!

Endless Love
Endless Love

Maybe because I’ve never seen a macaron in this form. And when I do, Luxbite was the one that opened my imaginations on macarons. My first bite, I felt it was like any macaron with real raspberry fillings. But the surprising pop of flavour is the lychee hidden in its centre. The freshness and sweetness of the lychee balanced out the tender  sourness of raspberries. The rose cream was a bit strong for my liking – but i’m not too fond of rose flavoured food anyway. But I see the ‘Endless Love’ story behind it with the rose cream.

Meringue Monster
Meringue Monster

If you’re a nerds addict, then you’ll love Meringue Monster! But i believe the above is the halloween version of it. On top of the meringue, comes with orange white choc horns and sprinkled with watermelon flavoured nerds. As you scoop down the meringue, there’s layers of red (watermelon), light pink (sour strawberry) and green (green tea) mousse. Which reminds me of my childhood… It all sounds sweet, but it wasn’t! J liked this one too, not because he picked it, but because it was playful and colourful.

Endless Love, Epic Chocolate Cravings & Green Tea Cheesecake
Endless Love, Epic Chocolate Cravings & Green Tea Cheesecake

Lastly, Green Tea Cheesecake. My mum liked this one, even though she isn’t always a fan of green tea flavoured desserts. What topped it? It was the salted green tea crumble at the base. The cream cheese added the smoothness to the layers of light pistachio ganache. However, I couldn’t taste the Japanese rice wine. 😦

I would recommend everyone to try at least the Blue Calpis, it’s something you can’t find anywhere else! And not as sweet as you think desserts are!

Location: 38 Toorak Road, South Yarra

Tasteelicious Rating:
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 4/5
Entree: NA
Mains: NA
Dessert: 4.5/5
Overall: 12.5/15

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