Simple ingredients made delicious. Miznon use seasonally inspired ingredients to showcase Israeli street food.

How it works: Walk in, a waiter will serve you asking how many people, we were there early, so they offered a variety of tables asking us to pick the best spot from lower ground (where the kitchen is), to outside ground floor or to mezzanine. I picked mezzanine, because it was a bit more quiet and could easily catch up on a girls night.

We ordered two soda drinks that was available. The waiter introduced to us tropical and berry drink with sage on top. Although I couldn’t taste the hint of sage when mixed with the dish, Tropical was my pick – sweetness is just right. Berry taste like raspberry soda with less sugar.

If you choose to order the sharing plates, there’s pitas and other condiments like tahini sauce are free for you to pick up at the lower ground floor.

The dishes came with parch paper underneath. There’s no plates to share so we used the paper underneath as a plate. It’s seriously getting into the street food way – using your hands – wrapping it with your pita and dipping in tahini sauce over the shared dishes.

We ordered the roast beef. It comes cold sprinkled with tomato seeds, chilli, black pepper and olive oil. I couldn’t taste the chilli. Not sure if it’s the way to eat it but I had it by itself and also with the pita dipped in tahini sauce.

This baby cauliflower was one of the stars of the night. It was beautiful, so soft when cutting through it, crispy on the outside from the slightly roasted surface and dipping with tahini sauce completed each mouthful. It was good without the pita bread. Add some green chilli sauce that’s available on their condiments table downstairs would make it interesting!

Another hit is the Calamari plate, cucumber, tomato, onion and parsley. I loved the calamari, you can see it slightly grilled and so soft with just the right size in cut. The sauce with the veggies was amazing! It tasted vinegar – y with something else. Whatever it is, I could keep having this dish. I could even dip my pita bread with the sauce!!

The last dish was Sabich – eggplant, tomato parfume, chilli and hardboiled egg. As you may know by now, I can’t take a lot of heat – so the green chilli was a no-no for me. Thankfully it was just on top! My friend R took it for the team 🙂

It’s a small dish but quite yummy smoked eggplant. the sauce was good with the eggplant – there’s no strong flavours in this dish. And shredded hardboiled eggs made it easy to eat. Another simple dish that I would not be able to imagine it to be good.

I noticed their menu is dated – I’m guessing it changes according to fresh produce they could source?

Another nice thing about Miznon, is that the waiters greet you by your name. They take your order at the table and would call out your name when delivering your food. No table numbers. What a personal way to get to know your customers.

Location: 59 Hardware Lane, Melbourne, VIC

Website: https://www.miznonaustralia.com

Tasteelicious Rating
Service: 5/5
Ambience: 4/5
Entree: 5/5
Mains: 4/5
Beverage: 3/5
Overall: 21/25

Miznon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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