Chez Dré

Sitting close to the South Melbourne Market where a market with the freshest seafood lies Chez Dré, a french breakfast, lunch and patisserie restaurant catered for all.

Chez Dré, a French-inspired sweet & savoury delights, treats.. you name it. The good thing is, they have all-day brunch menu! To top it up, they have a range selection of petits gateau – all unique in it’s way.

There’s an outdoor dining area right after the main entrance. When it gets busy, you’d have to wait (with seats available) for a table. The outdoor area is wonderful – it was a bright day – perfect for Brunch out under the sun at the start of Spring. You can bring your pets and there is sufficient space for them to lie there next to your table/chair as you chat away with your friends and family.

Indoor dining area is modern with long wooden stools without backrests. Other seats were those stackable stools – it didn’t look like it much cost was put to the chairs. But what impressed me was the cleanliness and the arrangement of the restaurant.

Patisserie Bar
Patisserie Bar
Chez Dré Kitchen
Chez Dré Kitchen
Mac Attack
Mac Attack – $8.50
Singe Origin of the Day – $4.50
Coffee of the Day
Latté – $4.00

It seemed like they have segregated areas, one area for table of fours sitting at the booth next to the dessert counter, two areas for larger groups fitting 8-10 and one area for outdoor dining.

Mum had the whole Smoked Salmon – dill creme fraîche, kohlrabi & pickled red onion. She found it fresh and light – loved the baguette and she much enjoyed the dill creme fraîche, kohlrabi & pickled red onion.
I found the price was reasonable!
Salmon Baguette
Salmon Baguette – $13.50
I noticed that there’s an addition to the menu from last time. – their weekly special. The special I ordered was Potato Rösti – chorizo, asparagus, capsicum coulis & a poached egg. It came with two pan-fried potatoes that was temperature hot. I love it when my food is hot! They’ve nailed me on the potatoes!
Potato Rösti
Potato Rösti
I have many photos, but I don’t really want to bore you from reading every taste experience I had. My fave is the Potato Rösti. Although seasonal, I believe they will make many similar dishes with different inspirations – it keeps me intrigued in visiting again and again!
White Bean Cassoulet
White Bean Cassoulet – $19.50
Eggs your way
Eggs your way – $9.50
Grand Petit Dejeuner
Grand Petit Dejeuner $21.50
Veggie Petit Dejeuner
Veggie Petit Dejeuner – $20.50

The staff was friendly, our waitress sounded like she had a french accent. She was enthusiastic and when I asked about her recommendation for dessert, she definitely helped me in picking the first petit gateau out of the millions of delights! She helped us try the passionfruit and chocolate mousse. It was devine. Loved the citrus taste combined with the sweetness of chocolate. Chocolate itself wasn’t sweet like many mousse. It was the perfect balance for me.

Passionfruit - Chocolate Mousse
Passionfruit – Chocolate Mousse – $9.50


Location: Rear of 285-287 Coventry Street, South Melbourne 3205
Tasteelicious Rating:
Service: 4/5
Ambience: 5/5
Entree: NA
Mains: 4/5
Dessert: 5/5
Overall: 18/20
(revisited in 2018 – ★★★)

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